Lutris 0.5.10-beta1 - integration with EA Origin AND Ubisoft Connect

Add new window to add games to Lutris, with searches from the website, scanning a folder for previously installed games, installing a Windows game from a setup file, installing from a YAML script or configuring a single game manually.
Move the search for Lutris installers from a tab in the Lutris service to the window for adding games.
Add a coverart format
Add integration with EA Origin
Add integration with Ubisoft Connect
Download missing media on startup
Remove Winesteam runner (install Steam for Windows in Lutris instead)
PC (Linux and Windows) games have their own dedicated Nvidia shader cache
Add dgvoodoo2 option
Add option to enable BattleEye anti-cheat support



Utilizator Linux - Solus OS, pasionat de calatorii.
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