Dino 0.3 now supports calls between two or more people

Dino is a secure and privacy-friendly messaging application. It uses the XMPP (Jabber) protocol for decentralized communication.

The 0.3 release now supports calls between two or more people.

Calls are end-to-end encrypted with the best encryption supported by both you and your contact. The encryption keys for a call are exchanged using DTLS and the call is then encrypted with SRTP.

You can establish calls between Dino and every other application that follows these standards. Encrypted video calls can be made between Dino and for example Conversations or Movim. With clients like Gajim that don’t support encryption, making unencrypted calls is also possible. If a client doesn’t support video, audio-only calls can still be made.

Dino can be installed from the repositories of the following distributions:

OS Package name
Arch Linux dino
Debian dino-im
Fedora dino
openSUSE dino
Ubuntu dino-im
Alpine Linux dino
Gentoo net-im/dino
Guix dino
NixOS dino
Void Linux dino
FreeBSD net-im/dino
OpenBSD net/dino


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