pfSense Plus version 22.01 and pfSense CE version 2.6.0

pfSense Plus 22.01 and pfSense CE 2.6 software both include the following changes:

  • Numerous changes to IPsec for stability and performance . Read the IPsec section of the Release Notes carefullyIPsec VTI interface names have changed in this release. Configurations will be updated automatically where possible to use the new names. If any third party software configurations or other manual changes referenced the old IPsec VTI interface names directly (e.g. “ipsecNNNN”), they must be updated to the new format.IPsec status page and widget are significantly faster, show more complete information, and have additional useful functionalitySee the Release Notes and Development Notes for additional details. ZFS is now the default filesystem for installations where possible
  • New ZFS status dashboard widget (pfSense Plus only)
  • New Disks widget to replace the disk usage list in the System Information widget. This widget is automatically added and enabled if the firewall configuration contains the System Information widget with disk usage section activeAutoConfigBackup no longer makes pages wait to load during the backup process
  • The default password hash format in the User Manager has been changed from bcrypt to SHA-512
  • Improvements to the Captive Portal logout page and process
  • RAM disks have been converted to tmpfs

Updating from an earlier release to this release is possible via the usual methods:

From the GUI:

Navigate to System > Update
Set Branch to Next stable version
Click Confirm to start the upgrade process

From the console or ssh:

Select option 13 OR select option 8 and run pfSense-upgrade



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