AV Linux MX-21, code-named Consciousness, has been released based on MX-21

AV Linux MX-21 Edition code-named “Consciousness” has been released based on MX-21 ‘Wildflower’ and Debian 11 (Bullseye).

This new version has been completely built from the ground up and is the first version to not be a ‘Respin’ of an existing system and was built with same Tools that are used to build MX and antiX. Because it has moved to a whole new Debian platform (from Buster to Bullseye) there is no upgrade Path from previous versions of AV Linux and you will need to install from the ISO.

AV Linux MX-21 Edition is still an independent project and not an official MX Version.

New MX-21/Debian Bullseye base.
XFCE4 4.16
New default Liquorix kernel 5.15.0-10.1.
MX Linux ‘ahs’ (Advanced hardware support)
New and vastly updated User Manual.
New MX Multimedia Packaging… lots of great stuff!!
DAWs – Ardour 6.9, Mixbus32C 7.2 (demo) Reaper 6.46 (demo)
New ‘Flat’ Diehard XFCE4/Openbox theming with all 4K Wallpapers.
New Suru++/Papirus Icon themes.
Completely new modular AV Linux Assistant based on YAD.
New first-run Splash Screen.
New Yabridge support for Windows VST Plugins.
New ‘YADbridge’ graphical interface for Yabridge
Added Utilities: BPM Converter, Gradient Wallpaper generator
Expanded AVL-MXE Custom Plugins and Fonts Packages
New AppImage Packaging included



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