DistrictTux Edu, an educational distribution based on "Xubuntu" 20.04

First release of "DistritoTux Edu", an educational distribution based on "Xubuntu" 20.04 and configured with the CUBIC program (Custom Ubuntu ISO Creator), aimed especially at the Spanish-speaking community.

After a long road of more than 6 months of hard work, after the analysis of numerous educational distributions of great hierarchy, after testing more than 200 free educational programs, I am making this educational distribution called "DistritoTux Edu" freely available.

In "DistritoTux Edu" 41 educational programs have been selected and have been grouped into four categories, namely:

- Educational games : Blinken, Pysycache, Childsplay, Omnitux, Gcompris, eduactiv8, Tux Math, Tux Typing and Kanagram.

- Specific Programs: Scratch, Kturtle, Laby, Stacks Blocks, Klettres, Kataluga, Katalekto and Xboard.

- Student support programs : Marble, Step, Geogebra, Kig, CaRMetal, Stellarium, Kstars, Kbruch, jFractionLab, Kgeography, Kalzium, GPeriodic, Atomix, KAlgebra, KWordQuiz, Kmplot, Dia, Freeplane, VYM and GoldenDict.

- Teacher support programs : JClic, GTick, MuseScore and Tuxguitar.

- Kernel 5.13
- Libre Office 7.2.5
- Only Office 7.0
- "Fundación Crecer con Todos" educational link is removed from the Firefox toolbar due to error "404"
- Jclic folder is added with 2 activities: Syllables Phonological Awareness and Visual Search.
- "Jclic Player" is added to the bottom bar of Programs in the "Jclic" launcher
- "Pixabay" website (images and audio without copyright) is added to the firefox toolbar.



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