EuroLinux 9.0 Beta - clone or RHEL 9 beta

EuroLinux 9.0 Beta it is compatible with the latest upstream release and we focused on delivering the most developer-friendly platform across the entire family of systems built upon the source code of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

EuroLinux is the first freely distributed and publicly available clone or RHEL 9 beta.

Universal migration scripts they are available at

- EuroLinux 9 beta included High Availability and Resilient Storage repositories from the beginning.

- Support for full version of WineHQ and computer games.

- EuroLinux x86_64 was built with Gaia 2.0 stack. We are currently building EuroLinux 9 beta for ARM64 (aarch64) with an updated rebuild stack.

EuroLinux is available and supported in versions 9, 8.x, 7.x and 6.x.

The open source documentation is available at and is hosted on GitHub Pages.

Newest versions as: Ant 1.10, GCC 11.2, Git 2.31, Go 1.17.5, LLVM 13, Maven 3.6.3, NodeJS 16, OpenJDK 17.0.1, PHP 8.0, Perl 5.32, Python 3.9, Ruby 3.0, Rust 1.56, SVN 1.14.

Web servers and database engines: Apache HTTPD 2.4, nginx 1.20, Squid 5.1, Varnish Cache 6.5, MariaDB 10.5.12, MySQL 8.0, PostgreSQL 13, Redis 6.2.6.

GNOME has been updated to GNOME 40, a major step forward from EuroLinux 8's GNOME 3.32.2 , which includes many new features.



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