Freespire 8.2, the latest incremental release

Freespire 8.2 switched from the GNOME desktop environment to the latest LTS of Plasma KDE, 5.18.8. Switching Freespire’s default browser to Falkon, widely available, fully open source.
For security reasons we have disabled the installation of SNAP and SNAP packages. If you try to install a SNAP package it will fail.
Freespire 8.2 comes with no support options available except for its community.

The distribution includes :
KDE Plasma 5.18.8 - fast and lean Linux desktop, fully functional and performance enhanced; peerless in terms of speed and user friendliness.
Kernel 5.13.0 LTS - Long Term Support kernel designed to stand the test of time.
Flatpak - Alternative package manager to SNAP, the current Ubuntu standard.
Falkon - Open Source Web browser based on QTWebKit
Kpat - Solitaire game
Calligra Office - Office suite. Part of the KDE Application suite
DragonPlayer - Multimedia player
Juk - Music Player
Balena Etcher - Utility for writing ISO’s to a USB stick
This release also contains many functionality / security updates.



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