Elive beta version 3.8.26

This new Elive beta version 3.8.26 includes:

- web browsers improved the lifespan of your hard disk, SSD, or your USB’s in persistence mode, featuring now a special conf to run on RAM dynamically that also makes them faster.
- vim colors much more vibrant.
- macbooks improved their fan support.
- nvidia devices detection for install drivers fixed.
- wallpapers switching demo is back and on the E16 desktop too!
- tmux improved with a better default configuration.
- terminology terminal updated and with new features.
- kernel updated revision for improved stability.

Elive is a non-commercial, cost-free operating system made for the daily use; a much faster, friendlier, and feature-rich replacement of your high cost and ineffective default OS.

Debian is used for the base system and it is fully compatible with it

2500+ added own packages to make it so unique

Enlightenment as desktop, with own modifications

Live mode with own persistence features

Own made installer with unique features

Tons of tools for advanced users

Minimum requirements: 256 MB RAM / 500 Mhz CPU - For 128 MB / 300 Mhz check other downloads


Utilizator Linux - Solus OS, pasionat de calatorii.
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