Zorin OS 16.1 - new security patches and the better support for hardware

Zorin OS 16.1 introduces new security patches out of the box, and the better support for hardware such as:

Newer NVIDIA graphics cards including the RTX 3050
Framework Laptop
Apple Magic Mouse 2
Sony PlayStation 5 DualSense controller
Intel Core 12th generation processors
Epson, HP, Canon, Fuji Xerox, DYMO, and other printers
More Wi-Fi and audio hardware

LibreOffice updated to help you work better - LibreOffice 7.3

- Even better compatibility with Microsoft Office documents
- Enhanced tracking of changes in text and tables
- More options and features when editing documents
- Performance boosts when opening and editing documents
- Visual improvements with more accessible icons in dark mode

The Zorin OS 16 release series will continue to be supported with software updates and security patches until April 2025.



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