Kaisen Linux Rolling 2.1 - improvements on the design, packages and confs. new cloud and tech tools

After 6 months, 2.1 version of Kaisen Linux is here. This release come of a new official wallpaper, big graphic improvements on logos, menus and plymouth theme.

  • ZSH is no longer the default terminal for Kaisen Linux!
  • The Conky theme is no longer installed by default with the GUIs, but is a separate package named kaisen-conky
  • Each logo added for the launchers or menus has been enlarged as much as possible
  • The icons in the menu launching a terminal now have their official logo instead of a terminal logo
  • Password management tools like apg, keepassxc and pwgen are now installed with the miscellaneous tools and are listed as such on the menu.
  • VirtualBox packages have been forked and reworked to install the /etc/modules-load.d/virtualbox.conf file when VirtualBox packages are installed
  • Docker will now use the overlay2 storage driver by default.
  • Use the breeze mouse pointer for all interfaces instead of the redglass mouse pointer.
  • MATE is now in version 1.26.0
  • KDE is now in version 5.24.5
  • The HTML pages of the offline documentation and the offline manpages are now in /usr/share instead of /opt.
  • The installer no longer displays a message when automatic partitioning is executed and does not create a swap partition.
  • Removed Kaisen Terminal and Firefox launchers from the desktop to create the /home/user/desktop folder in the user's language.
  • Kaisen Linux also comes with several new tools for sysadmins, cloud engineers, technicians, various tools...

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