Out of the desire to always stay in the center of attention, countless owners of Facebook accounts, jump the horse with certain posts. Later, regrets may be unnecessary, especially if the authorities, friends or thieves have gotten on the wire.

I made a list of types of behaviors that are only good to avoid on Facebook. The list remains open and can be completed by you ...

- do not use Facebook to chat pictures, compromising videos or documents in electronic or scanned format. For many, breaking a Facebook password is not a difficult thing at all. Of course, you should also keep in mind that today's friend can become your enemy of tomorrow
- do not post photos with expensive purchases. You can never know which kleptomaniac friend you have on the list
- do not post identifying data such as: address, phone number, place of work, studies, etc. Do you need any further explanation?
- censor yourself when you post comments or discuss your friends, bosses, enemies on chat. The hunger for money is huge for many, and the written evidence is the most credible in court. After all, even Jesus was sold
- do not post videos / photos in which you show how your talent torments you, especially if your friends tell you that you are not talented, or that incriminate you for sure
- do not post photos with you in too many poses. Anyone can steal them and bury an account identical to the original
- leave it easier with the check-in function because it is not known who is on your trail or at home rummaging through the closet
- do not disclose future plans so that thieves do not have time to make their agenda according to yours
- do not log on from the computer or the phone of your colleague or neighbor if you do not want another spy next to the officials. Passwords are stored in the browser, and neighbors and colleagues are more than curious
- do not enter accounts that do not belong to you. It is true that a Facebook account can be easily broken, but it is also true that no information is lost on the Internet, including the data of the one who breaks accounts
- if you often use the video calling function, make sure that at the moment in which you finished the conversation you even turned off the camera and the microphone
- don't click on any link with a porn tint, most of the time it fills your computer with viruses
- when you log on to Facebook, check if years have not passed since the last one antivirus update
- don't install apps that tell you hard-to-believe stories. They're suspicious
- if you think you are a spy, do not visit too often profiles that are not in your friends list. Facebook takes care to suggest you as a friend to those you spy on

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