In Linux 5.7, there are many new features and enhancements, such as an Apple USB "Fast Charge" driver, Intel Tiger Lake "Gen12" graphics, AMD Renoir graphics, Z2D F2FS support, Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 support and more.

Other new features:

- Preparations for supporting RISC-V Kendryte K210 SoC

- New supported ARM devices, including Pine Tab, PineBook Pro and others.

- Intel SpeedSelect Technology Updates.

- Kernel pointer authentication on ARM64.

- Secure / protected guest VM support on IBM s390 and POWER architectures.

- Better support for Loongson 3 CPU.

- Tracking systems that are thermally overloaded.

- Support for DRM TTM for the initial improvement of the VMWGFX experience.

- Some bugs with Nouveau have been fixed.

- Better Meson video decoding support.

- Support for HDR / OLED panel in AMDGPU.

- VMware VMWGFX graphics driver is preparing for OpenGL 4.x support.

- The new exFAT file system driver replaces the exFAT driver

- Zstd compression for the F2FS file system.

- XFS is preparing for assistance and other underlying improvements.

- Performance improvements for Ceph.

- OverlayFS support with VirtIO-FS Over.

- Preparation for area support in Btrfs

Linux 5.7 should debut as stable in early June.


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