If there are no problems in the coming weeks, BunsenLabs Lithium will become the official stable version. Release notes:

1) The official BunsenLabs apt repository now hosts a lithium suite, which is configured in / etc / apt, so that installations in this ISO can be used even after Lithium is official.

2) I would really appreciate if community members could test this as much as possible during this pre-launch period - test all the features, look in the corners - and report on anything that doesn't work as it should. There is still time to make minor changes to the UI and, of course, to fix any errors.

3) In particular, the installer should now inherit the Secure Boot support from Debian Installer. The hardware that accepts / needs SB is limited among the members of the dev team, so it would be great if someone could confirm that it works OK.

4) A 32-bit CD will follow soon, but it will take some work to shrink it to ~ 700 MB.

5) This is almost a year ago Debian Buster, but it has many changes under the hood compared to Helium. The full release notes will come with the official version.

6) OTOH anyone who has kept up with the experimental Lithium packages will already have all this - you don't need to reinstall unless you want the Secure Boot function.


Source: bunsenlabs.org

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