Especially in recent years, suspected to be fast in terms of conservative Linux, there is an evolution that has transformed almost overnight the way Linux-based operating systems look, move, work and feel. To the joy of most and the uneasiness of some who believe that the benefits of Linux should be enjoyed only by beginners, this process is just beginning, and the changes will be revolutionary. In the end, we will no longer declare I don't know which year as the year of Linux but an entire period as the decade / era of Linux.

Basically, GNU / Linux distributions, for a long time, no longer just try to imitate in a raw form the way OS X or Windows look, but they themselves become nurseries of originality, innovation. You've probably noticed that the new Windows distributions include a lot of ideas taken from Linux and that's about it. A natural consequence of this evolution is that the perception of the general public is changing in a way favorable to Linux, which leads to an increase in the number of users.

Another consequence of this evolution is the fact that operating systems such as Voyager, openSUSE, Elementary, Chalet, Cotton, Evolve, Manjaro but also Ubuntu and Linux Mint - with some tweaks, compared to Windows XP, 7, or Vista, seem to come from the future. To our joy, the future is not obscure, like the one from which Windows 8 or 10 comes, but is dominated by functionality, clarity, stability, elegance, speed, safety. The future that Linux is heading for is not marked by kitsch, by an unsightly, grotesque, cumbersome and confusing mix, all sorts of elements as in the case of Windows 8 and ten.

To see the difference, do a short exercise, go to YouTube and look for clips with older versions of Linux distributions. You will certainly notice that at least on an aesthetic level everything is transformed.

Why do we keep relating to the aesthetic level? Simple, because that matters to most computer users, not issues of finesse like the kernel version or I don't know what technology a certain program is made of. Of course, in addition to the fact that it must be functional and logical, for the simple man who only wants to surf the Internet, edit a video or a picture while listening to music and talking to friends on various chats. , the way the system looks is crucial.

Not many times, in recent years, I came across the stupid exclamation of some when I showed them a Linux distribution ... alas, how ugly it is. It goes without saying that they would rather use a copy of pirated Windows than use Linux Mint, for example. We don't have to pretend that we don't know at this point that the packaging is the one that offers success or not to a product, and some GNU / Linux developers have understood that.

What I note with interest is that newer distributions are the promoters of changes of an aesthetic nature, while distributions such as Ubuntu and Linux Mint, ie kings, follow this policy with extremely small steps. It is a proven fact that the little ones adapt faster to the times than the big ones. Needless to say, if they don't wake up and don't take the bull by the horns, currently bringing the packaging with which they are presented from the factory, they will wake up, overnight, that they will have fewer and fewer users. Of course, both Linux Mint and Ubuntu can be relatively quickly transformed with the help of icon sets and themes, into operating systems that will impress as many as possible by the way they look and the performance. Unfortunately, this variety is only available to somewhat advanced users,

Compared to Windows 10 or OS X, many Linux distributions look or move much better. In order to attract the simple man, the packaging also needs to catch his eye. Of course, there will be enough people who will say that it is not mandatory for them to use Linux, but what would be its purpose if it did not have users?

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