Xfce 4.16pre1 is the first development version of Xfce 4.16. and comes with lots of new features and improvements under the hood. changes:


- Removal of many codes (Gtk2 support), improvement of maintenance

- Adding new icons to all basic components to extend the visual identity of Xfce

- A renewed and improved "About Xfce" dialog, which also contains general system details

- Lots of bug fixes


- New "Default Applications" dialog: combined between "MIME settings" and "Favorite applications"

- Display: Support for fractional scaling (with XRandR), a better solution in case of wrong configuration

- Settings manager: Improved search / filter


- The new plugin: "Status Tray" - a fusion between the system and the statusnotifier plugin, will make users' lives much easier and less confusing, now accepts the global setting "icon size" of the panel.

- Automatic hiding animation

- Launchers now show desktop file actions by right-clicking

- The Window list now supports "launching a new instance" of an application from the right-click menu

- The workspace switch can optionally display workspace numbering

- Dark mode for the panel (prerequisite: the theme must accept dark mode)


- Copying and moving can now be stopped

- Queue file transfer support (configurable)

- Initial support to remind you of the view settings on the directory


- PDA queue deleted

- A new version scheme


- Display alt-tab dialog box only on the main monitor (if one is set)

Power Manager

- Cleaner dialog box (battery and "on" settings)

- Optional visual indicator in the panel when "Presentation mode" is activated

- Automatic cancellation of low consumption notifications when connecting a charger


- Improved gpg agent support

- Visual cleaning


- Allow applications to be sorted by frequency (frequency and timeliness)

- Thumbnail service

- Support for excluding horses (in the tumbler.rc settings file)

- Xfconf settings service

- Activate the gsettings backend by default

The release of Xfce 4.16pre2 is expected by the end of this month and probably pre3 in October. Xfce 4.16 should be released by November.

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