Garuda Linux 201007 - Golden Eagle

Garuda Linux, a desktop Linux distribution based on Arch and desktop environments (KDE Plasma, GNOME, Cinnamon, MATE, Xfce, LXQt, Wayfire, bspwm, i3, Deepin, UKUI and Recbox versions "Ultimate", and "Lite"), is now available in a new version for download.

In this release, most of the reported bugs have been fixed - along with other QoL changes to existing presets. As you may have noticed, five new desktop environments have been added: MATE, Cinnamon, Recbox, UKUI and bspwm.

From now on, editions containing window managers (i3, bspwm, Recbox, Wayfire), Deepin and UKUI will only be available in "Lite" editions.

To take advantage of BTRFS features, installations using this file system now create @ @home @cache @log subvolumes by default. In this way, the final space consumption of the snapshots is reduced.

Notable version updates include GNOME 3.38, Plasma 5.19.5, Firefox 81, Linux-zen 5.8.13 and Mesa 20.2.



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