Oracle Linux: a better alternative to CentOS

Oracle Linux 8 It is reliable, affordable, 100% compatible with RedHat (100% binary-compatible with Red Hat Enterprise Linux) and offers access to some of the most innovative innovations in Linux, such as Ksplice and DTrace.

  • Oracle Linux software available for free
  • simple script to switch your CentOS systems to Oracle Linux

We think you will like it and you could try it.

How can you convert CentOS 6 and 7 to Oracle Linux?

Run the following as root:

curl -O

The script has two main functions: it will change the yum configuration to use the Oracle Linux yum server to update some basic packages and install the latest Oracle Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel. You will not have to restart after switching, but we recommend that you do this to take advantage of UEK.

The script takes precautions, backs up and restores the files it modifies, so if it doesn't work on your system, it will leave it running.

If you encounter any problems, please contact Oracle Linux by email at .


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