The tablet, in a short period of time, became an instrument present in almost every Romanian house. New and exciting products see the light of day all the time. The market abounds in tablets of all brands, sizes and characteristics, and the purchase of such an instrument should not be viewed with indifference. The objective of the future buyer would be to try to obtain the most appropriate ratio between quality and price, depending on the money we want to invest.

Does the brand matter?

An unknown brand does not offer you any guarantee that you do not throw money out the window, just as it is true that the price of a branded product is higher. However, cheap products, worth a few hundred lei, regardless of the brand, do not have many guarantees. Another important aspect is the fact that some newly launched brands, in an attempt to enter the market, come with products that are really worth the money.

Another detail omitted by the future customer is the fact that some brands are faster in offering security patches than others. In addition, the transition from one version to another of Android is guaranteed, by most brands, for economic reasons, of course, only once, even if the tablet is technically able to carry the latest version. of this operating system.

How much does the price matter?

There is a certain price barrier that, once exceeded, ensures certain guarantees of good product functioning. However, only if you have nothing to do with money, we recommend you to put thousands of lei in truly high-performance tablets. You have to keep in mind that, no matter how optimistic we are, the lifespan of such a product is quite short, and in a fairly fast time technological advances make a one-year-old tablet look old.

Which operating system should I choose?

Android dominates detachedly, Windows has been trying for several years to reach an acceptable market share, and iOS is reserved for those who want to be cool. Android and iOS applications are numerous, diverse and productive, while the number of Windows applications is quite small, which could be seen as a disadvantage. Now, regardless of the platform, to be serious, we also use a few applications, and the most serious of them have variants for all mobile operating systems.

Does what's under the case matter?

The most important thing is to equip a tablet. At this point, a technically acceptable tablet should contain: the newest processor, the strongest battery, the minimum 8 MP camera capable of HD filming, the case should not be made of plastic and be robust, the screen as vivid and bright as possible, provided with protection. So, read carefully the technical specifications of the models and use the filters provided by the vast majority of sites, such as this one, to choose the most suitable device, in relation to the budget you have.

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