Collapse OS is a Forth operating system and a collection of tools and documentation with a single purpose: maintaining the ability to program microcontrollers .


  1. Driving on minimal and improvised cars.
  2. Interface by improvised means (serial, keyboard, display).
  3. Edit binary text and content.
  4. Compile the assembly source for a wide range of MCUs and processors.
  5. Read and write from a wide range of storage devices.
  6. Assembly and implementation on another machine.

With a copy of this project, a capable and creative person should be able to build and install Collapse OS without external resources (ie internet) on a machine made of scavenged parts with low-tech tools.

The documentation is in text files in "doc /". Start with "intro.txt". Collapse OS can run on any POSIX platform and is easily built. Clone it, then see "/cvm/" for instructions.

  • Can assemble Z80, AVR and 8086 binaries.
  • Can program AVR microcontrollers.
  • It has a command line text editor similar to the traditional Forth editor, as well as a visual text editor inspired by UNIX 'VI.
  • He has the full power of a fairly well-presented Forth performer.
  • He knows how to run on:
    • An RC2014 via a serial link. It can also have a PS / 2 keyboard connected directly.
    • A Sega Master system or a MegaDrive (Genesis) with video output and D-Pad input and / or a PS / 2 keyboard adapter.
    • A TI-84 + with output on the LCD screen and input on the built-in keyboard.
    • A TRS-80 Model 4P with built-in video and keyboard.
    • A device compatible with the 8086 PC (including modern computers).
    • A Z80-MBC2 via serial link.
    • Any POSIX environment that simulates an 80x32 screen through ncurses.
  • Extremely simple:
    • Z80 start code: ~ 550 z80 assembly lines
    • 8086 start code: ~ 200 8086 assembly lines (8086 is significantly smoother than z80)
    • Forth core: ~ 450 lines of Forth
    • SD card subsystem: ~ 150 Forth lines and z80 asm
    • Assembly Z80: ~ 300 lines of Forth
    • Assembler 8086: ~ 150 lines of Forth
    • AVR Assembly: ~ 150 lines of Forth
    • Visual Editor: ~ 150 lines of Forth
    • The whole "real" code (which would manage a post-collapse computer, which excludes cvm, emulators, POSIX tools, tests, doc): ~ 2800 lines
  • It has support for mass storage:
    • SD cards
    • 5 1/4 "floppy disks
  • Self-assemble on minimal resources:
    • An RC2014 with an SD card adapter.
    • A TRS-80 Model 4P with floppy disks.
    • A Sega Master system with keyboard adapter, SD card adapter and dual EEPROM socket.
  • Constructed from a POSIX environment with minimal tools: only cc, make and ncurses are required.

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