Although Linux has become more and more user-friendly lately, be it a beginner, there are still some aspects that we can say that keep them at bay or discourage many. One of these is the need to build software packages that can be installed on certain distributions (Ubuntu, in our case) starting from the source. Especially if we want to use the latest version of an application, we may have to build the installation package ourselves if it was not created (or made public) before by someone else.

Although it seems like something that requires an advanced level of knowledge of Linux, building a software package from source is by no means that difficult. No programming or other knowledge required. We just need to follow a few simple steps and, in a relatively short time, we can enjoy our own packages (.deb) created directly from the source. We have two ways to get the results, ways that we present below.

1. Checkinstall - it will be necessary to install a package, writing the following command in the Terminal:

sudo apt-get install checkinstall

Then, of course, we will have to download the archive containing the source of the application we want to install. After downloading, we will unzip and open the resulting folder. In this folder we will open a Terminal and give the command "./configure" followed by the Enter key. We will be installing the necessary dependencies, if necessary, depending on the answer given by the respective order. If we manage to solve the problem of dependencies, we will give the command "make", whose execution can take a while, depending on several factors, including the power of the CPU. Only after this step can start the proper construction of the package, typing the command "sudo checkinstall" and then typing the root password. We will be shown a list of fourteen options, including the type of architecture (i386, x64, etc.), changing the location of the package. deb etc. We will type the number of that option and enter Enter. We will find the newly created .deb package in the previously chosen location.

2. Debreate- an easier variant that ensures even better results, having more options available. You will need to install the "Debreate" program, a program specially designed for building .deb packages. We can download it in .deb format, of course, from here. Assuming we have previously downloaded and unzipped the source of the application you want to install, open Debreate, fill in some required fields such as package name, version, maintainer name and e-mail address, then choose the location of the files needed to build the package (ie unzipped folder previous). The following fields that appear are optional (we can even add a menu entry for the package in question, so that after installation it can be found in the menu). At the end, we will press the green button to build the .deb package.

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