OPNsense 21.1.1 comes with basic code enhancements and adaptations. Changes to this stable update are a mix of security and reliability updates, along with preparations to update the update framework 21.7.

Here are the release notes:

A firewall: To change the delay parameter the trainer to prevent analyzer errors
a firewall: fix multiple PHP warnings about the category of additions
a firewall: fixed switch icon for the block and reject (contributed by ElJeffe)
an interface: IPv6 main display in overview page
An interface: fix IPv6 misalignment in get_interfaces_info ()
a report: fix collapse sidebar menu for NetFlow link (contributed by Maurice Walker)
o captive portal: validate as static IP address when writing
a firmware configuration : add backend Product status for next page firmware redesign
o firmware: opnsense-code will now check the default launch branch
o firmware: opnsense-update add "-R" option for major launch selection
o firmware: opnsense-update will now update repositories if not synchronized
o firmware: opnsense-update will try to recover after a fatal pkg behavior
a firmware: opnsense-update now redirects stderr correctly to major updates
a firmware: opnsense-update now keeps vital flag on transition of defect release type
an intrusion detection: Addition based clean up rules to prevent collisions with new
O Monit policies : minor bugfixes and user interface changes (contributed by Manuel Faux)
o unbound: URL update documentation (contributed by xorbital)
o user interface: format the number of packets with toLocaleString () in the statistics statistics widget (contributed by bleetsheep)
o ui: add compatibility for JS replaceAll () function
o rc : support for reading JSON metadata from plug files version
o plugins: files provide JSON metadata in plug-in version
O plugins: OS-DynDNS FreeDNS apex fixed domain (contributed by Fredrik Rambris)
o plugins: OS-Nginx upstream Fixed TLS verification (contributed by kulikov-a)
o plugins: os-theme-cicada 1.26 (contributed by Team Rebellion)
o plugins: os-theme-vicuna 1.2 (contributed by Team Rebellion)
o src: panic when destroying VNET and epair simultaneously [1]
o src: uninitialized system system kernel stack escapes [2]
o src: Xen invited from memory [3]
o src: updates database information time zone [4]
o ports: dnsmasq 2.84 [5]
o ports: lighttpd 1.4.59 [6]
o ports: krb5 1,19 [7]
o ports: monitor 5.27.2 [8]
o ports: perl 5.32.1 [9]
o ports: sqlite 3.34.1 [10]

Source: opnsense.org

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