The first thing you might notice about the new version is the new logo.

Fedora Workstation focuses on the desktop and, in particular, is aimed at software developers who want a Linux operating system experience "just works". This version presents GNOME 40, the next step in concentrated computing, without distractions. GNOME 40 brings navigation improvements, whether you use a trackpad, a keyboard or a mouse. The grid and application settings have been redesigned to make the interaction more intuitive. You can read more about what has changed and why in a March Fedora article.

Fedora CoreOS is an emerging Fedora edition. It is a minimal operating system, which is automatically updated to run containerized workloads safely and at scale. Provides multiple update feeds that can be tracked for automatic updates that occur approximately every two weeks. Currently, the next feed is based on Fedora Linux 34, with testing and stable streams to follow. You can find information about released artifacts following the next stream on the download page and information on how to use these artifacts in the Fedora CoreOS Documentation.

Fedora IoT provides a solid foundation for IoT ecosystems and for the use of cutting-edge computers. With this release, we've improved support for popular ARM devices such as Pine64, RockPro64 and Jetson Xavier NX. Some i.MX8 systems on chip devices such as the Thor96 boards and the HummingBoard-M Solid Run have improved hardware support. In addition, Fedora IoT 34 improves hardware surveillance dog support for automatic system recovery. ”

No matter which version of Fedora you use, you will get the latest updates. Programming language packs, including Ruby 3.0 and Golang 1.16. In Fedora KDE Plasma, it went from X11 to Wayland by default. After the introduction of BTRFS as the default file system on desktop variants in Fedora Linux 33, a transparent compression was introduced on BTRFS file systems.

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