Consider yourself pretty fortunate because you’re reading this right now and because there’s a better solution to that: set up a Linux file server.

There’s someone right there, working at an office table, typing things out, saving things in, and bringing things out with a flash drive, or maybe, an external hard drive.
If this person isn’t you, then this could be one of your employees and you’re probably seeing them go back and forth because they’re transferring files here and there.
And maybe they’re smart enough to use email.

But then again, your business probably has tons of data stored in various PC’s and you might experience times when you go around every PC looking for the file that you need to access.
In other words, your files are decentralized and it’s not good.

The advantages that setting up a Linux file server can give are just few but have undeniably tremendous impact.
But before we go into how great of a help a Linux file server can be to your database, it is first of course important to know what that is.

A Linux file server is, as its name implies, a computer that serves the files in a centralized manner.
It is a server where all the computers that belong to its network can gain access to its files either in a restricted or unrestricted manner.
Through a Linux file server, not only will the computers connected to it be able to access the files saved on it but it can also be granted access on the applications installed inside it.
It is also sometimes called a terminal server.

Just by knowing what a Linux file server is, you can immediately infer the greatest advantage of setting up one in your office.
By setting up a terminal server, all the computers that are connected to it can be granted access to the files and applications saved in it.
This means that your work environment can now say goodbye to emails, flash drives, and most of all, the unnecessary roaming around by you or your employees.

Another advantage of setting up a Linux file server is that it can cut the computing cost of your business, especially if you are still on the start-up stages.
By investing on the higher specifications of the terminal server, you will now have to spend much less on the specs of the networked computers in your business.

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