The MX-21 is built from the debian-bullseye and MX warehouses. Some of the new features in the MX-21 RC1:

- New and updated applications.

- New installation partition selection area, including some lvm media if an lvm volume already exists

- New UEFI live system start menus. You can now select live boot options (persistence, etc ...) from the boot menu and submenus, rather than using the menus of previous consoles. Xfce 4.16, Plasma 5.20, fluxbox 1.3.7 with mx-fluxbox 3.0 configurations

- Username (sudo) for administrator tasks by default. You can change this in the mx-tweak-> Other tab.

- Many many bug fixes from beta2. Changes with RC1

All versions:

- updated installer and live system for the latest versions.

- translation updates.

- Live menus now include special features, such as return options for wrong remasters.

- added mesa vulkan drivers to the default package set.

- new "mx-comfort" themes.

- Better support for realtek wifi.

- Debian security repo enabled by default.

- gtk3-nocsd has been removed from the default feature set.


- Xfce packages updated to the latest bug fixes.

- the thunar samba sharing plugin has been added (accessible through the properties dialog of a thunar folder).

- added "thick" variants for comfort themes xfwm4 mx.

KDE / Plasma:

- Fixed dolphin file manager crash issues when "Save desktop changes" was used during installation. various improvements to the default settings.

- new mx-comfort color schemes, as part of global MX themes.


- updates to many of the mxfb-accessories scripts, improved location, general configuration changes.

- automatic updating of menus when installing the package.

- desktop-enabled defaults and additional preconfigured panel configurations.

- new mx-comfort fluxbox styles.

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