Mabox Linux 22.12 Istredd is ready for download

Mabox Linux 22.12 Istredd - numerous improvements and two original features: Colorizer and context menus for Conky.


A tool created especially for Mabox allows you to easily and quickly adjust the colors of your desktop. Colorizer can even do this automatically based on the color palette of the currently set wallpaper! Advanced mode allows for more fine-tuning.

Context menus for Conky

The second functionality that is available for the first time in Mabox Istredd are context menus for Conky. nRight-click context menu, allows you to manage individual Conky properties, like position on the screen, individual colors or color scheme, etc. Left-click context menu is for quick access to user-defined commands. For advanced users, it gives plenty of possibilities to customize the desktop to their needs!

Other changes

  • Screenshot tool is also basic desktop recorder now
  • Laptops/Netbooks: battery indicator is available on panel (invisible when battery is fully charged)
  • Expose effect for window switching super + ~
  • Right-click on Menu (Mabox) icon to configure panel quickly (also super+alt+p)
  • Places menu for quick access/browse bookmarked directories, mounted discs (from panel icon or super+.)
  • The keyboard layout indicator and switcher allows you to easily change the keyboard layout as needed. Inactive by default – can be enabled using the GUI autostart editor
  • Refreshed Conky set to choose from, and some new

Download Mabox Linux 22.12 Istredd



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