December 2008 marked the appearance of a new version of the openSUSE linux distribution, namely 11.1. This was probably the most beautiful moment that most openSUSE communities around the world celebrated. In our lands, the launch event of openSUSE 11.1 in December culminated with the appearance of the openSUSE Romania Community. Like any beginning it was slow, but with the transition in 2009 users started to register both on the site and on the forum. Today the community is a landmark for openSUSE users who need help but also for those who want to contribute.

The openSUSE Romania community

Map of openSUSE users

The openSUSE Romania community is made up of a group of enthusiasts who promote openSUSE linux distribution, both for personal use but also in the business or educational environment. The openSUSE project gives Linux developers and enthusiasts everything they need to work with this operating system. The community is open to anyone who wants to sign up. The members of the community are from all over the country but also from abroad, all united under the motto "have a lot of fun".

The goals of the openSUSE Romania community

The openSUSE Romania community aims to:

promote a linux distribution that can be downloaded and used for free
promote the importance of free open source programs
provides technical support for using the openSUSE distribution

How to contribute

The contribution within the Community implies by itself a certain degree of responsibility as well as team spirit. There are several ways to contribute to community development:

- Help with translating new texts into Romanian and correcting old ones
- Posting answers to existing questions on the above forum
- Writing articles on the website
- Creating installation and use guides distribution of openSUSE Romania as well as helping new users
- Participation in conferences and events organized by local groups in the locality or area of ??residence
- Making presentations about this group (openSUSE Romania) and about the distribution of openSUSE Romania
- Publishing articles in written or online media have as theme openSUSE
- Making radio, TV or online shows
- Creating and publishing video tutorials on using the openSUSE distribution
- Communication on the discussion list of news in the GNU / Linux area
- Creating code, communicating bugs and last but not least, donations for the realization of various promotional materials (Promotional materials from have materialized to a limited number of DVDs and some t-shirts).


In order to cover as wide a spectrum as possible in terms of communication, you have at your disposal the following means by which you can keep in touch with the openSUSE Romania Community:
- Community Forum
- Google Discussion Group
- Facebook
- Twitter Page - Google Plus
- The IREN channel of the #opensuse-ro community on the Freenode network

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