To make a mistake is human, but to make a mistake and, moreover, not to admit that you have a problem that you have to solve, is unforgivable. Even worse is when you hold a position in the structures of a state and you are not known at the level of public perception except by the mistakes you make when you express yourself orally or in writing.

Probably not infrequently it has happened to you to look at the way in which a special category, unfortunately extremely numerous, of the people of this country, express their ideas in writing. Moreover, although you make an intellectual effort and even try to transpose yourself in the mind of such a representative in order to understand something, there are huge chances that nothing will come out.

Grapinizer is a unique, unique online application, according to our science, at this moment, at least in the Romanian space. This does exactly the opposite of what the "How to write?" Application does, but not anyway. We could say, in simple words, that this Grapinizer helps you to translate / correct the texts from the correct Romanian language into the language used by Maria Grapini.

Basically, the application invites you to look from a different angle at a problem more than often encountered in Romanian society, but not anyway, but tactfully, in a comic manner and with a public model as a benchmark. A fine irony is used in trying to educate the masses. We hope to amuse you a little by inviting you to read the next paragraph as it was "translated" using . Resist? :)

We bring to your attention an application about it, which will certainly be written a lot of time, from now on it will give rise to disputes, some with a political flavor. in the end, in an indirect way. The grapinerer will determine you to pay more attention to the way in which you, your concepts and transpose idylls in writing, if you don't want to get in the mouth of the fair, as Mrs. Maria Grapini said. the fact that looking at you in a comic way and may miss you laughing when you read, and identify the result offered by the applied, will determine, increase your attention to the grammatical mistakes that, voluntarily or involuntarily, we do every day.

The application is easy to use, practically enter a grammatically correct written text, and with a click on the "GRAPINIZE!" you will instantly get the text translated into the grab language. You will find that pointless commas will be added, that the space after the punctuation marks has been removed, that the order of the letters has been changed into words, and so on.


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