There are countless questions that anyone can ask about GNU / Linux based operating systems. We have made a brief summary that includes the most frequently heard questions regarding this type of operating systems as well as the related answers. You can also complete the list.

What is Linux?

Linux (GNU / Linux), in short and in simple terms, is an operating system like Windows and OS X. It is available, for the most part, for PCs, laptops, servers, tablets and phones. smart.

Why haven't I heard of Linux before?

Unlike Windows, which is a commercial system that has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in advertising, communities that make various distributions do not invest in advertising. The only way Linux advertises itself is through user satisfaction.

What is a GNU / Linux distribution?

A distribution is an operating system that uses the Linux kernel. There are currently a number of major distributions such as Debian, Ubuntu, Red Hat, Arch, Gentoo, etc., which have served as support for several operating systems derived from them. The distributions differ from each other, among others through the software collection and the package management system.

What are the most popular distributions?

Linux Mint, Ubuntu, Red Hat, Debian, Fedora, openSUSE are just a few examples of the hundreds of existing distributions.

What are the most used distributions?

It is considered that Debian-based distributions have the most users (Linux Mint, Ubuntu,), but even distributions based on Red Hat, Suse, Gentoo, Arch, are not inferior from this point of view.

What is a graphical environment?

Unlike Windows, which comes with only one type of desktop (graphical user interface), Linux allows diversity and therefore running multiple graphical environments such as Unity, Cinnamon, Gnome 3, Mate, XFCE, Lxde, etc. .

What are the recommended distributions for beginners?

Distributions such as Ubuntu, Linux Mint, openSUSE, Zorin, Voyager, Manjaro, Feora, RogentOS, are just a few examples that are characterized by ease of installation and use. The most difficult to use distributions are those without a graphical interface, such as Gentoo or Arch, considered to be dedicated to experienced users.

Are there Romanian distributions?

Yes, Redcore, a distribution with a long tradition and Edu Linux (see details), a newer distribution, dedicated to education.

How much does Linux cost?

GNU / Linux distributions are overwhelmingly free and open source, as are the tens of thousands of applications running on them. There are also some exceptions for companies. They do not pay for the operating system but the support offered to them.

What can it be used for?

You can use a GNU / linux based operating system for the same tasks for which you are using Windows or OS X. You can edit or create documents, you can watch video files or listen to music in various formats, you can surf the Internet, send and receive e-mails and documents, edit video, photo and audio, you can use Skype or instant messaging programs, you can download torrents, make software, websites, 3D or 2D animations, you can play or make websites, read pdfs or books in modern formats, you can change the operating system quickly and easily, to your heart's content.

What applications can I use on Linux?

Many of the applications you know and usually use have a GNU / Linux version as well. Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, Google Earth, MPlayer, Pidgin, Gimp, Skype, Dropbox, VLC, various torrent clients, Team Viewer, Blender etc. Many Windows applications can be run on Linux using Wine.

Who uses it?

The various GNU / Linux distributions are used worldwide by tens of millions of users, both ordinary citizens and experts in a particular field. Linux is used by all categories of people, from young people to the elderly, from retirees to people in work. In Romania, it is estimated that there are tens of thousands of Linux users, their number growing rapidly.

Where is it used?

In the segment of mobile devices, Android, which is also a Linux, dominates the market without appeal, with over one and a half billion devices, while in the segment of computers, GNU / Linux distributions have tens of millions of users. The real figure in this case is difficult to establish.

Is it translated into Romanian?

Yes. The vast majority of distributions come with full support for the Romanian language.

Is it legal to use a GNU / Linux distribution?

The use of Linux-based operating systems is legal worldwide. Downloading, testing, installing, using, distributing GNU / Linux distributions is legal and encouraged, as they are open source.

What are the advantages of a Linux operating system?

Unlike Windows, Linux is considered to be, although free, much more secure, reliable, resistant, immune to viruses. The fact that it is used by the secret services, by NASA, by various military organizations, by the vast majority of the world's supercomputers, what will it say? The fact that it is open source allows anyone to check the code for any problems. The community is also the one that quickly identifies and repairs a problem, which is quite difficult in the case of Windows.

How am I sure my computer is running a GNU / Linux distribution?

Downloading the operating system image, burning it and then booting it from a DVD or USB stick are the initial steps of any test. Unlike Windows, Linux allows you to test it without installing it. If it works without problems on these environments, you can then install it. GNU / Linux distributions support the vast majority of existing configurations. There are distributions dedicated especially to older computers.

How do I install codecs and drivers?

They are automatically installed by the operating system, the GNU / Linux distributions being ready functional from the factory. Regarding the drivers for the video card, the installation is extremely simple through specific applications, depending on the chosen operating system. See how to install on Ubuntu.

How do I install applications?

These can be installed from various software distribution centers, or by downloading them from official sites using the installation based on "next".

Who helps me in case of problems?

There is a very strong and numerous national and international community that can guide you. Countless articles, from blogs and sites, various groups and pages on social networks, forums, are at your disposal with clarifications and help. In general, Linux is logical and easy to use, viable for many configurations, and with a little openness, you will be able to use it to its maximum potential extremely quickly.

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