The main change in this version is a new GCC 10.2.0, Glibc 2.32 and Binutils 2.35.1 Toolchain. Much of the distribution has been rebuilt on this new Toolchain, including a stack updated to 2.66 Glib2. The table has moved to the 20.2 series and for the kernel it has been possible to update again (moved to 5.8.18), due to the creation of custom AUFS patches.

As always with this rolling distribution, you will find the latest packages for the Plasma desktop, which includes Frameworks 5.76.0, Plasma 5.20.3 and KDE 20.08.3 Applications. All built on Qt 5.15.1. Changes for Plasma 5.20 include a new grouping behavior for Task Manager, notifications will be notified now that your system is about to run out of disk space, even if your home directory is on a different partition and Settings system added feature settings. Newly added to Plasma for KaOS is the plasma disk, it will give you a new option in the kinfocenter to see the status of all hard disks / sdd.

For Calamares installer, there is now an option to use a swap file instead of a swap partition (by default it is still a swap partition). Work continues on moving most modules to QML, the most recent being userq, it is almost ready for use, but it is not yet included in this version.

New added applications include Walt Disney Animation Studios SeExpr, a built-in expression used by Krita 4.4, Stellarsolver, an Astrometric Plate Solver used by Kstars and Plasma-systemmonitor, a future QML replacement for Ksysguard.

Updates based on this distribution include Glib2 2.66.3, GMP 6.2.1, Cmake 3.19.0, Ruby 2.7.2, Git 2.29.2, Opencv 4.5.0, Poppler 20.11.0, Mesa 20.2.2, NetworkManager 1.26 .4 , Openvpn 2.5.0, Texlive packages for 2020, Linux 5.8.18 and Qt 5.15.2.

The Midna theme used in Kaos has been rearranged for 2020, the biggest change being the transition from QtCurve to Kvantum for the application style. Ksplash is simplified, with less moving images, the SDDM theme has a better contrast. Completely new is the theme for systemd-bootloader, missing is the standard black background with white text, instead, you will see an option well integrated with the rest of the Midna theme. The grub loading program has been updated to look similar to the system loading system.

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Utilizator Linux - Solus OS, pasionat de calatorii.
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