The last decade has seen an incredible advance in the marketing techniques used by professionals to interact with the public as well as their clients. Now, with access to more advanced software, things are easier. And, of course, this is why 50% to 65% of CEOs today choose more to invest in these marketing technologies for years to come. But given how fast technology is advancing, this is just the beginning. Excellent proof of this is the growing artificial intelligence, which began with, for example, voice assistants on phones programmed to perform simple tasks.

Of course, they are not useful for more complex tasks, but over time you will be able to achieve all these things. Here are four things that will quickly revolutionize the way marketing works as they are polished: What marketers need to know about artificial intelligence and augmented reality

- Search engines will become obsolete Today's search engines are one of the best tools for finding the information we want, but little by little new technologies have emerged with greater speed and utility, such as chatbots. And it can be solved with a small example: Suppose you visit a certain city and want to visit a restaurant. Google would be a great option to search for a good restaurant in that place, but you would end up getting a lot of pages that talk about the best in the place and you would feel somewhat overwhelmed. Fortunately, we have new technologies such as Facebook M, a new virtual assistant created to help the person in different cases. Here we have this image published on the page where they announced this new utility, in which you can see the virtual assistant's instant text messaging, which comes with a series of tips on what to ask for, including several examples: "Can you help me order flowers for my mother's birthday?" "What's the best place to go hiking in Alaska?" "Is there a dog-friendly beach nearby?" Indeed, for our first example, this app is the best, because it is able to immediately give us a specific place in the region that we can visit to eat something and even help us book there, if necessary.

- Machines will help write content According to Gartner, 20% of the business content will be written by robots in 2018. Obviously talking about data and analytical information, which will be developed in a natural language through writing tools. This may include press releases, official and legal documents, reports and more. An example today is the Associated Press, which automates up to 3,000 financial reports each quarter.

- Web pages designed by artificial intelligence As time goes on, the design of web pages becomes easier and easier. There are various platforms such as WordPress, Wix and even Forumotion, which allow beginners and people with the least knowledge of web design to create their own pages by modifying the simple elements and that, with a little more knowledge in design, could build many things. Today there are pages like The Grid that have algorithms for creating web pages through artificial intelligence. This is an example of a page made by robots.

- Virtual and Augmented Reality Today, companies have begun to use virtual and augmented reality to create compelling experiences for their products. An example would be the Ray Ban page,

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