Virtual reality and augmented reality seem to be the same, when you hear these terms, they certainly seem similar, but they are not, in fact, a totally different idea. These two technologies have come a long way over time and are constantly advancing. When we talk about virtual reality, it involves creating or demonstrating a world created entirely by the computer, it also gives you the option to interact with it, so that you believe that the world is real. In general, to experience virtual reality, a headset is used, so that the user does not perceive his surroundings and dive into this fictional world.

On the other hand, augmented reality refers to that combination between the real and the virtual world, through computerized processes, which makes the visual experience better, adding features so that people can interact. To witness this kind of reality, you need a video camera, a computer or even a smartphone or tablet.

Virtual reality and augmented reality, which is better What augmented reality seeks is that reality is perfected, adding any kind of things that are perceived by our senses. This process tries to overlap the composite realities by combining it with our real context, giving it better characteristics. On the other hand, virtual reality is based more on replacing our environment, using different devices, so that we can experience the feeling of being in a different place, adding fantasy. If what you are looking for is to transport yourself into an elaborate reality to get out of the routine, this alternative will fascinate you. Both technologies have certain characteristics that are very similar, but with a different goal, as one seeks to separate you from reality,

A rather noticeable difference is the degree to which you can immerse yourself in the system, because as we have already mentioned in virtual reality a total immersion is sought, replacing our real world, in this system there is no possibility to interact with reality. objects. On the other hand, in augmented reality, you can have a bit of both realities, because the virtual and the real are mixed in a very natural way, the immersion is not totalitarian, you will always have this connection with the real.

So which of the two is better? It's up to you to choose the one that best suits your interests.

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