First of all, I will be very honest in what I say, even if it has been pointed out to me several times that I would be "terribly honest". But for me, it's my way of being and who has problems with being honest, I really ask him to skip this article!

Why replace Windows?

Before I can give any opinion, I think that the correct definition of the frame of reference is what matters.

From the perspective from which I see things, it is proposed to me to agree with a new dictatorship, of the deceased type, in which the fundamental philosophy was "Either you are with us, or you are against us!" - and I allow myself to say that I have an idea of ??what the "dictatorship of the proletariat" means, after living in that form of social organization, 30 years of its duration (1947-1989, 42 years).

What good would it do to replace Windows with Linux? And more precisely, how can a philosophy of life that means freedom, harmony, cooperation, development be replaced with another, which means monopoly, police, witch hunts, human hunts, the manufacture of "personnel files", the presumption implicit in guilt, abuse, blackmail, scams cleverly camouflaged on the back and in the name of "copyright protection"? Have you ever forgotten that Windows prohibits computer upgrades without the express consent of the corporation? If so, it means that you have a STOLEN Windows, otherwise you would have known that re-authentication is MANDATORY after any hardware change (RAM, HDD, video card, etc.). And that means TRANSNATIONAL DICTATORSHIP!

This scheme seems extremely familiar to me: hundreds of millions of cold-blooded murders in the name of Christ? History is full of such extremism !!

I mean?!? In fact, what should I do? To deny the right to the existence of commercial software? And if we replace Windows with Linux, what would that mean?

Because from a semantic perspective, that is, the meaning of words and context, this means that I will have to pay rent - some call it "license", to sound more sophisticated and to fall into the net as many as possible! But this is actually a rent, a tax, a tax! - for any software from the Linux family ?? !!

It would be another option… To become Windows freeware (!!!!!). Even if one day it would be like that, for me, it is too late to believe in the sudden transformation of the wolf into sheep and I repeat, from the perspective of balance, it seems very good as it is now!

Who wants commercial software, is free to buy; who wants free software, is free to choose and install it, "in his image and likeness"!

I stop here and consider that whoever had something to understand, has already understood. Here is how I formulate the question, to get a HUMAN and SINCERITY answer:


Only now can we discuss: who has the work experience and the necessary theoretical knowledge. Otherwise, it seems to me a speech exercise for the sake of speech…

I will specify, however, that my perspective is that of a program user, not a network administrator, a programmer or a server farm administrator of various natures and with various destinations.

It is true that I also learned many things in the field of administration. At home, it is inevitable at some point. But there are extremely many things in this particular field, which go beyond my sphere of interest and to which I am "tabula rasa" - ignorant, that is.

In this sense, after more than 15,000 hours of work under Linux, I consider myself an ADVANCED user *.

For this reason, I believe that THERE ARE SUFFICIENT RESOURCES TO SWITCH TO LINUX, AT LEAST AT THE LEVEL OF HOME USER AND FREELANCER. Romania, as we are talking about Romania here.

Many people cling to one program or another, formulating very categorical objections "against" Linux and the available programs.

I consider that if you can earn your living at a minimum using exclusively FOSS programs on a Linux or FreeBSD platform or similar as a license, then we have a viable alternative!

I specify that the operating systems also enter the general category "programs" !!

I, for one, would recommend to those in the "cons" category, to make an IT company, to bring it to a minimum age of 20 years and then to talk about Linux and "Linux impotence". Their objections, perhaps, would have some justification in this way and a haze of ADVISED argumentation. Otherwise, there are words in the wind.

There is a big difference between using small-scale Linux to run specific applications and a completely different story of running Linux for industrial applications, such as Pixar and International Light & Magic or many other such ultra-specialized companies, such as Dassault Systems, to give an example from the military HiTech area. For the uninitiated, Dassault Systems is a company that deals with design in the military field, for the French Ministry of the Interior and in particular for the SDR (Departement du Securitee Teritorielle du France). A kind of NSA of the French. The "civilian" part of Dassault deals with modeling solids and has a line of products for modeling solids and real processes.

So, if we are talking about using Linux for such things, then the discussion remains pointless, for the simple fact that operating systems for such situations are built "in house" and they generally sum up everything that is best in the world of all operating systems, being therefore completely different operating systems than the four major "consumer" systems: Unix, Linux, MacOS and Windows.

To give a less "warrior" example, SGI has developed its own hardware platform and operating system for real-time graphics and video processing on an industrial scale. Today, the corporation makes supercomputers. So, if we want to talk seriously, as I said at the beginning, it is important to define the discussion framework very clearly.
And as on Facebook the discussion frame is "home" and what we can do HOME with a computer, my answer is the one above, underlined. I repeat, in conclusion:


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