Guide - Migrating to EuroLinux 8 from CentOS, RHEL, Oracle Linux, AlmaLinux, and Rocky Linux versions 8 and 7

The instructions shown below will work for: CentOS, RHEL, Oracle Linux, AlmaLinux, and Rocky Linux versions 8 and 7.

We update the system to the latest version:

sudo yum update

We download the migration script:

git clone

We navigate to the directory with the script:

cd eurolinux-migration-scripts

We run the migration script with superuser privileges:

sudo ./

After entering the command, a backup recommendation will appear in the terminal before starting the migration.

Note: For EuroLinux version 7, the script will also ask you for your EuroMan username and password (this is an update management system. The login information is available in the Customer Portal).

We recommend rebooting the system after the operation is complete:

sudo reboot

During the first boot we will still see the option to select old kernel versions, but after a full boot they will be automatically removed and the correct EuroLinux kernel will remain in the system. To quickly verify that the process was successful, we can check the distribution description using the following command:

cat /etc/el-release
EuroLinux release 8.4 (Vaduz)

After the migration is complete, the user can check the list of RPM packages before and after the migration. This information can be found in the files:


Packet validation is also logged in the files:


Note: $(hostname) stands for the name of the machine that was migrated.



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